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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Where's Bin Laden????

Even some conservatives are disappointed in Bush's failure to nab Bin Laden. This was written in 2002:
"President Bush is telling us now there's more to this war than Osama bin Laden.
That sounds to me like he's losing hope of ever finding the terrorist most responsible for planning and executing the Sept. 11 attack on the United States. Apparently, according to news reports, the administration is now convinced that bin Laden was present in a cave complex in Tora Bora late last year when it was targeted by U.S. military forces. But the U.S. failed to nab him because proxy troops and aerial bombardment were used as the primary means of attack, rather than a ground assault.
...That's the trouble with fighting wars by proxy. That's the trouble with multinational coalitions. That's the trouble with confusing objectives. The U.S. government has been celebrating the liberation of Afghanistan. I celebrate it, too. But let's not forget, this was not the mission. America was attacked on Sept. 11, and our primary job remains to hunt down the mastermind of that operation. Until we do that, we have failed in our primary mission. "

- Joseph Farah

Well, Joe, it's 2004 and we still haven't done it. And the situation is even more desparate now. The arrest of the Pakistani Khan, Al Qaeda's computer expert, showed that the old Al Qaeda leadership is still calling the shots and can still organize attacks worldwide. Many terrorism experts, who had thought that the old Al Qaeda was disabled, were surprised. Essentially, Bin Laden and his deputies are still lethal and still in hiding.

Bush apparently thinks we will forget the name "Osama" and get distracted by switched objectives, like liberating Afghans or Iraqis, or finding other terror cells. But while I'm glad that Iraqis and Afghans are freed, our objective was always to get Bin Laden and his top deputies. Catching small fish won't cut off the head of the beast. Until Bin Laden is dead or in chains, America will be under attack. This is the real sin of the Bush administration: Failing to catch Bin Laden and now pretending that he doesn't exist. Let's see if Bush dares to mention the name "Bin Laden" at the GOP convention in New York.

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